Educational Series for Issuers and Shareholders

ClearTrust is committed to equipping companies and their shareholders with resources to successfully navigate our industry. This series is currently under production. Catch each new release by joining our mailing list.


resources for shareholders


resources for issuers

Lock Up / Leak Out Agreements

ClearTrust offers insight to issuers for leveraging legends to create clarity and help ensure lock up/leak out agreements are enforced.


ClearTrust simplifies the stock issuance process with useful tips and information.

Promissory Notes

Understand some common pitfalls of Convertible Promissory Notes and Irrevocable Transfer Agent Instruction Letters.

Transferring Shares

ClearTrust guides shareholders through the process of transferring shares.


Electronic Transfer to Brokerage Account

Learn how to deposit shares into your brokerage account electronically, using either the DWAC or DRS PROFILE deposit services.

Canceling & Retiring Shares

Learn the difference between retiring shares and returning them to treasury, along with paperwork requirements to accomplish either.


Unrestricting Shares

Learn how shares can become free-trading in the marketplace.


Medallion Guarantee Stamp

Understand the purpose and process of obtaining a Medallion Signature guarantee.