Consider these insights into the transfer process prior to submitting your request to us.

Transfer Checklist

  1. Include Original Stock Certificate(s)
  2. Endorse the back of certificate or stock power only if changing registration (Section D of the Stock Power/Transfer Instructions Form)
  3. Make sure the endorsement is Medallion Guaranteed
  4. Include Complete Stock Power/Transfer Instructions Form (link in step 2 above)
  5. Provide Complete Names, Addresses, and IDs of Shareholders to Receive the stock.
  6. Indicate whether gift, sale, or inheritance, and include cost basis information.
  7. Include delivery instructions for the new certificate
  8. Indicate delivery method: Book Entry/DRS, FedEx, UPS, Local Pickup/Delivery, Priority Mail
  9. If you are a corporate shareholder, include a corporate resolution indicating who has signing authority
  10. Include any additional forms that may be required (see Rule 144 or Lost Certificates sections)
  11. Include the processing fee
  12. Include your phone number and e-mail in case we need to contact you.
  13. Send your package with a tracking number and delivery confirmation.
  14. Send the completed package to ClearTrust with all necessary forms.
  15. ClearTrust participates in Paperless Legals. Legal documents need not be presented when the transfer is accompanied by a proper Medallion Guarantee Endorsement.

Medallion Guarantees

Medallion Guarantees are not the same as notaries. They are a special signature guarantee designed for the securities industry to protect your stock and prevent forgeries. We require Medallion Guarantees to transfer your stock because we respect your investment in securities and want to protect you from securities theft. You may obtain a Medallion from a financial institution such as your bank, credit union, or broker dealer that participates in one of the three Medallion Programs listed below:

  • STAMP (Securities Transfer Agents Medallion Program)
  • SEMP (Stock Exchanges Medallion Program)
  • MSP (New York Stock Exchange Medallion Signature Program)

To learn more about Medallions, click here.

Certificate of Endorsement

If you want to transfer your stock, you must endorse it. You have two choices:

Back of Certificate Stock Power

  • You must sign the back of each certificate you want transferred and have each one Medallion Guaranteed.
  • If you are a company, you also need to include a corporate resolution showing the signatory of your company.

Stock Power

  • You can sign one stock power to represent all of the certificates in your name that you want transferred.
  • If you are a company, you must also include a corporate resolution showing the signatory of your company.
  • Typically, if you are submitting your stock through a broker dealer, they will prefer that you use a stock power. Please ask your broker if you are unsure.

Identification Numbers

  • IDs allow us to securely identify you if you call to confirm confidential information about your stock ownership and transfers.
  • IDs for US shareholders are required in the event that a cash dividend is paid to you. If we do not have your ID on file, we must withhold your dividend check.
  • IDs help us to conform to OFAC and Patriot ACT requirements.
  • IDs prevent the ambiguity of stock ownership.

We require the following:

Shareholder Identification Number
US Residents Social Security Number
US Companies Tax Identification Number
Canadian Residents Social Insurance Number
Canadian Companies Business Identification Number
Foreign Residents Passport, Driver’s License, or Equivalent ID Number
Foreign Companies No ID Required*

*In the case of companies outside the US and Canada, ID’s are not required. However, additional documentation may be required to confirm the identity of a caller, the validity and existence of the company, or maintain OFAC and Patriot Act compliance.

Certificate Safety

Stock certificates have monetary value. In the interest of protecting your investment, we have implemented procedures for keeping your stock safe as it moves through the transfer process.

  • Send your certificates to us via FedEx, UPS, Priority Mail, or other traceable delivery service.
  • Keep your tracking number with your records.
  • Include an instruction letter or cover letter when you send us a package.
  • Provide specific delivery instructions to us. Include a prepaid waybill, courier account number, or additional money to cover the return delivery expense.
  • We will only send your new stock certificates to you via FedEx, UPS, Priority Mail, or local pickup/delivery. We do not send certificates via First Class Mail because it is not traceable.
  • We keep a copy of the delivery waybill on file with the tracking number in case you need it.

Written Instructions

All instructions to transfer and deliver your stock must be in writing. We do not accept verbal instructions for transfers and delivery as an additional means to protect your stock.

Originals Or Copies Some documents must be sent to us as originals, but others don’t have to be.

Original Required Copy Acceptable
Stock Certificate Instruction Letter
Stock Power Representation Letters
Surety Bond Legal Opinion
Affidavit of Loss

Processing Time

You want your transfer processed as soon as possible. This is our daily priority.

For routine items submitted with all necessary and proper documentation (including transfer fees), we will turn your item between 1-3 business days. For legend removals or other non-routine items with all necessary and proper documentation (including transfer fees), we generally turn your item within 1-5 business days. We offer a guaranteed 24-hour turnaround on routine items and a priority turnaround for non-routine items for an additional fee, from the moment that ALL necessary and PROPER documentation is received.

Transfer Fees


Need help calculating your transfer fee? Please e-mail us and provide us with:

  • The number of certificates you are sending in for transfer.
  • The number of certificates you want back.
  • Whether the original certificates are restricted or free trading.
  • Whether the new certificates will be restricted or free trading.
  • Whether you want rush or standard processing.