For transfer requests and DWAC deposits


For removing a legend under an effective Regulation A+ Offering


For removing a legend under Rule 144

For removing a legend and immediately transferring into a different name


For removing a legend due to an S-1 registration

For demonstrating signature authority of a corporation


For updating shareholder address, email or phone


For modifying the cost basis of your shares


For notifying us of a found certificate previously reported lost


For an executor transferring shares out of a deceased person’s name


For affiliates selling under Rule 144



ClearTrust guides shareholders through the process of changing ownership of shares to someone else.


We make transfers as simple as possible.

Use our easy checklist below to verify you’re sending in everything necessary:

1. Original Stock Certificate(s) (if applicable)

2. Letter of Instructions & Stock Power Form or endorse the back of certificate with a Medallion Signature Guarantee (only if changing registration or DWAC DEPOSITS)

3. Any additional documents that may be required

4. Transfer fees

5. Send you complete package 


16540 Pointe Village Drive, Ste 205 Lutz, FL 33558

TIP: A unique reference number is assigned for each transfer and issuance request we receive. To expedite processing, please reference your reference number on any subsequent documents you send to us.



If you want to transfer your stock, you have two choices to endorse it:

Stock Power

  • You can sign one stock power to represent all the certificates in your name that you wish to transfer.

  • If you are a company, you must also include a corporate resolution showing the signatory of your company.

  • Typically, if you are submitting your stock through a broker dealer, they will prefer you use a stock power. Please ask your broker if you are unsure.

Back of Certificate 

  • You must sign the back of each certificate you want transferred and have each one Medallion Guaranteed.

  • If you are a company, you also need to include a corporate resolution showing the signatory of your company.


Written Instructions

All instructions to transfer and deliver your stock must be in writing. We do not accept verbal instructions for transfers and delivery as an additional means to protect your stock.

Check the chart below to see if an original is needed or if a copy is acceptable:

Original Required Copy Acceptable
Stock Certificate Instruction Letter
Stock Power Representation Letters
Surety Bond Legal Opinion
Affidavit of Loss



Our priority is processing your transfer as soon as possible.

For routine items submitted with all necessary and proper documentation (including transfer fees), we will turn your item between 1-3 business days.

For legend removals or other non-routine items with all necessary and proper documentation (including transfer fees), we generally turn your item within 1-5 business days.

We offer RUSH processing where your request will be reassigned to our rush queue in the order received above the standard queue, for an additional fee. This takes effect from the moment that ALL necessary and PROPER documentation is received.



  • IDs allow us to securely identify you if you call to confirm confidential information about your stock ownership and transfers.

  • IDs for US shareholders are required in the event that a cash dividend is paid to you. If we do not have your ID on file, we must withhold your dividend check.

  • IDs help us to conform to OFAC and Patriot ACT requirements.

  • IDs prevent the ambiguity of stock ownership.

We require the following:

**Shareholder** **Identification Number**
US Residents Social Security Number
US Companies Tax Identification Number
Canadian Residents Social Insurance Number
Canadian Companies Business Identification Number
Foreign Residents Passport, Driver’s License, or Equivalent ID Number
Foreign Companies No ID Required*

*In the case of companies outside the US and Canada, ID’s are not required. However, additional documentation may be required to confirm the identity of a caller, the validity and existence of the company, or maintain OFAC and Patriot Act compliance.



 Need help calculating your transfer fee? Please e-mail us and provide the following:

  • The number of certificates you are sending in for transfer

  • The number of certificates you want back

  • Whether the original certificates are restricted or free trading

  • Whether the new certificates will be restricted or free trading

  • Whether you want rush or standard processing

* Have more questions about making a transfer? Visit the Transferring Stock section of our FAQ page.

* ClearTrust participates in Paperless Legals. Certain legal documents need not be presented when the transfer is accompanied by a proper Medallion Guarantee Endorsement