A great transfer agent will make your job easier and your shareholders happier. They’ll be an extension of your company and a voice to your shareholders. They’ll take on your needs and goals as if they were their own. Expect nothing less.

When evaluating transfer agents, ask tough questions that will help you gauge the level of service and attention you’re going to receive.

Tough Questions You Should Be Asking

  • How can you help me beyond record-keeping? Can you network me with market makers, counsel, and other industry professionals?
  • What is your standard turnaround time on issuances and transfers?
  • What is your termination fee? On that note, why do you have a termination fee?
  • How often do you raise your rates?
  • Do you charge for standard shareholder lists and reports?
  • What clients did you lose last year, and why?
  • Do you offer online account access?
  • What types of client education events do you offer? How do you communicate changes in regulations to your clients?
  • Is your firm involved in industry trade associations, and to what extent?
  • Will I have direct communication lines with management?

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ClearTrust is an independent stock transfer agent serving listed, over-the-counter, and private equity issuers. Our team has a reputation for delivering solutions and services that address the real-world needs of issuers in an ever-tightening regulatory environment.

Key Advantages:

  • Fast turnaround puts your mind at ease, ensuring delivery deadlines are met and shareholders are happy
  • Nimble, proactive compliance guidance alleviates burdens for you and your shareholders
  • Educational and networking events widen your professional network while equipping you with resources to achieve your goals
  • Results-oriented shareholder meeting management, including stakeholder communications and proxy solicitation, takes the stress out of annual meetings
  • ClearConnect, 24/7 Online Account Access for issuers and shareholders, gives immediate access to key shareholder data
  • Paperless document management means all of your records are at our fingertips when you need them – without ever reaching into a filing cabinet or putting you on hold.
  • Complimentary market maker introductions for 15-c211 filing and hands-on assistance obtaining DTC eligibility


  • FREE Unlimited Shareholder Lists
  • FREE Document Scanning
  • FREE Paperless Subscription Agreement Archiving
  • FREE Personal Shareholder Support
  • FREE Corporate Action Assistance
  • FREE Annual Meeting Attendance
  • FREE Same Day Turnaround, daily schedule permitting
  • FREE Online Account Access for Shareholders with Activated Issuer Access
  • FREE Month of Service for new accounts

*Why is this important? We are completely independent of any broker dealer, clearing firm, or other industry participant. This ensures fair and honest handling of your securities. It also eliminates the possibility of several compliance ‘red flags’ that can occur through the incestuous relationship of a broker dealer and transfer agent. For additional insight into why independence matters, please feel free to contact us.