Regulation A+ Primer from colleague Kendall Almerico


Kendall Almerico named one of the top 20 experts in the world on crowdfunding unpacks the JOBS act in a way we can all understand.


Regulation A+ Start to Finish with OTC Markets


Questions that get answered: 1. Why would a company choose to uplist rather than trade over-the-counter? 2. What listing standards must be met? 3. Do Exchanges grant exceptions for listing standards? 4. When does it make sense for a company to uplist?


FinFair 2015 Panel: How to Complete a Reg A+ Offering

Gene Massey, MediaShares CEO, spoke on Regulation A+ at Dara Albright's Wall Street FinFair Conference in NYC, on July 29, 2015. This talk takes us step-by-step through the Reg A+ process, from an issuer's perspective, and explains how to raise capital on the Internet using this wonderful new SEC rule.

FinFair 2015 Panel: New Trends in Liquidity & Clearing

Expert panel discusses next generation securities clearing, the use of blockchain and roles of modern transfer agents and exchanges. See more at &

FinFair 2015 Red Carpet: Kara Kennedy Interview


Kennedy discusses the support of transfer agents for Reg A+ issuers. See more at and