What is your favorite thing about working at ClearTrust?

That the foundation in which we work allows us to be sincere, dedicated, honest and trusted, by our clients, colleagues and leadership, all while juggling and preserving the precious work life balance.

What is the best way a person can spend their time?

One of my favorite ways to spend time is by choosing a “Cause” or “Causes” near and dear to my heart that serves others and doing it alongside my family members. Typically, the “Causes” are resourced through the Out-Reach services of our church and our military families.

What’s something you like to do the old-fashioned way?

Traditional cooking is my favorite! For instance, when I cook holiday dinners, each special guest gets to choose their favorite side dish and I prepare it for them, so they get to enjoy whatever their special taste of home for the holiday is.

What do I hope never changes?

We have always waited to setup our Christmas Tree right AFTER Thanksgiving. When all the kids were home they each had special ornaments, they hung on the tree, while enjoying hot chocolate, homemade cookies and listening to Christmas music. I hope children continue this tradition with my grandchildren.

What quirks do I have?

My OCD has established a legacy of quirks - lol. A few daily that drive my family crazy are: my refrigerator must be categorically organized (jellies) (pickled condiments) (spicy condiments) etc.; my counter and table tops cannot have anything on them that doesn’t belong at any given time; the entryway of my home cannot have stuff just dropped or a mess, i.e. shoes, backpacks (grrr); NO dishes maybe left in the sink or on the counter ever. This list is never ending – lol.



What was special about where I grew up?

It is a very small mountain town in Northern California, not far from Nevada. My Nannie, my mom and I lived on 6 acres which was divided in 2 acre parcels. We did not have running water for the first year we lived there. We hauled water for our place and for the animals from my Aunt and Uncle’s place that was 5 miles down the road. We did not have the use of indoor plumbing for two years. We had an outhouse to use for toiletry and we heated water and filled tubs that we would use to bathe in.  I had an Aunt, Uncle and Cousins that lived on each of the other two parcels. It was pretty cool - one family of 6 Cousins and the other family of 3, so there were 10 of us kids all within close ages of each other. We played hide n seek in the sage brush, jumped hay bales, rode horses, bikes, walked two miles to the General Mercantile if we wanted a treat, or worked in the Strawberry fields. We were never inside. 

Have you ever given to any charities?

Yes, I give to multiple Charities on a regular basis, in a variety of ways. I make financial contributions, volunteer for Military events, serve others through Church, and serve food to the homeless.

What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives?

I think that everyone should be subjected and serve in environments where the less fortunate, at risk, wounded, mentally ill and elder humans have to make a life in.

Have you ever saved someone’s life?

Yes, I saved my daughter’s three times, and a friend in High School.

What have you created that you are most proud of?

My three daughters.