If your stock certificate is lost, stolen, or permanently damaged, please report it immediately to us. We will place a STOP TRANSFER on your certificate, which prevents a fraudulent claim on the security. (If you find your stock certificate, please let us know so that we may lift the stop transfer from the certificate.)

Have specific questions about lost certificates? Visit the Lost, Stolen and Damages Securities section of our FAQ page.

A. Safeguarding Your Certificate

Whether you find your certificate or receive a replacement, please keep it in a safe place. We recommend

  • Safety deposit box

  • Home fireproof safe

  • Broker or custodial safekeeping

  • Move your shares to electronic/ book-entry form

B. Tips for Locating Your Lost Certificate

  • Check your safety deposit box, home vault, etc.

  • Contact your broker and ask if they have it in safe-keeping

  • Double check your files at home and work

  • Contact the issuer to see if they are holding it for you

  • Check your summer or vacation home and your PO Box

  • If an attorney, consultant, or other third party generally assists you with your investment affairs, check to see if they have your certificate.

  • Contact us to see what we can do to assist in finding your certificate once you have attempted all the steps above.

C. Process for Replacing Lost Certificates

  1. Complete an Affidavit of Loss

  2. Obtain a Surety Bond (aka Indemnity Bond)

  3. Submit your replacement package to us that includes:

    • Letter of instruction & Stock power form

    • Affidavit of Loss

    • Proof of Bond

    • Replacement Fee


Surety Bonds

  • Obtaining a surety bond is essential to replacing your lost certificate.

  • The bond is an insurance policy that indemnifies both ClearTrust, LLC and the issuer from any claim or liability that might arise from replacing the lost certificate.

  • You are free to use any insurance company you would like to obtain a surety bond. Typically, bonds cost between 2% to 5% the current market value of the security. Feel free to contact us for assistance.

Using Our Blanket Surety Bond

  • If you wish to use our Blanket Bond policy rather than obtaining your own surety bond, please take the following steps.

  • If your stock has a market value of $50,000 or less on the day you report it lost to us, simply complete the Affidavit of Loss and mail originals to us, along with the surety bond premium. (We will help you calculate it: 813-235-4490)

  • If your stock has a market value greater than $50,000 on the day you report it lost to us, complete the Affidavit of Loss and mail originals to us, along with the supporting financial documents requested in the bond paperwork. We must forward these items to our insurance company and obtain their approval prior to replacing your certificate. Once approval is granted, we will contact you, obtain payment of the bond premium, and replace your certificate.

Our Response to Your Lost Certificate Notice

  • Stop Transfer: When you notify us that your certificate is lost or stolen, our first step is to protect you. We place a stop transfer on the certificate, and we will notify you immediately if the certificate is presented to us for transfer or cancellation.

  • Double-Check: We will check your account with us to see if your stock is being held in book form, or if we can assist you in locating your certificate based on information that we may have about it.

  • SIC Report: In accordance with Rule 17F-1, we will file a report with the Securities Information Center that your certificate is lost within 24 hours.

  • Replace: As soon as you submit your replacement package as listed above, we will replace your certificate and send it safely to you.

IMPORTANT: If your certificate has already been replaced, you must return the old (found) certificate to us immediately for cancellation.