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going public

Are you a private company looking to go public?

ClearTrust can help you through the process of going public. You will have the distinct advantage of an experienced, independent transfer agency committed to your successful entry into the public arena.

dtc & f.a.s.t eligibility

Find out the difference between being a DTC eligible company and a F.A.S.T eligible company. It makes all the difference for public companies looking to expand options for shareholders’ abilities to deposit shares with a broker.

corporate actions &


Looking to do a name change, stock split or other corporate action? Maybe it’s that time to do your filings with XBRL or Edgar. Either way, we can help you throughout the entire process.

meetings and proxies

ClearTrust takes the stress out of shareholder meetings through our results-oriented, comprehensive project management. Let us make your next meeting easier and more cost-effective.

stock restrictions & legend removals

What is the difference between registered and unregistered stock? What are the most common registrations and exemptions for stocks and how do they work? We have a simplistic break down to help educate and navigate the SEC’s regulations.

stock issuances & retirements

Do you have investors that hold age-convertible debt? Or shareholders that want to sell their stock back to the issuer? What about the things you need to submit to issue new stock to shareholders? We deep dive into what the process looks like for each scenario.

cost basis

What does ClearTrust do and not do with the cost basis we receive? What is cost basis? We separate what these things look like both from the issuer standpoint and the shareholder standpoint.


What is the process to replacing shares when a shareholder loses their stock certificate? What is a surety bond, and is it really necessary? When something is lost, we can help.

distributing Information statements

Do you have information or required disclosures to share with your stockholders? ClearTrust offers an efficient, low-cost solution for issuers needing to deliver. We can help you with shareholder mailings, even if we’re not your designated Transfer Agent.