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Looking to transfer your shares? Many factors affect a shareholder’s transfer and we get that it can get confusing and overwhelming. Check out our transfer tips and videos on how to make your next transfer as smooth as possible.

medallion stamp guarantee

Why do you need a special stamp on your stock power form and what purpose does it serve? Where can you find a financial institute near you that offers this stamp? We walk you through all the reasons why it’s required and how you can find a place near you.

broker deposits and withdraws

Do you have stock in a public company that you are looking to move to the free trading market? We can walk you through the process and different options you have to move you stock over. Or if you have stock currently with your broker and you want to move it over to our books and records for maintenance, we can do that too!

stock registrations, restrictions & legends

What is the difference between registered and unregistered stock? What are the most common registrations and exemptions for stocks and how do they work? We have a simplistic break down to help educate and navigate the SEC’s regulations.

cost basis

What does ClearTrust do and not do with the cost basis we receive? What even is cost basis? We separate what these things look like both from an issuer standpoint and the shareholder standpoint.

lost certificates

What happens to stock that is unclaimed because a shareholder is unresponsive due to an address change or invalid contact information? What is the process to replacing shares when a shareholder loses their stock certificate? We have all the details of what the process looks like.