This is Us.

This is Us.

From Dunder Mifflin to Confucius to ClearTrust.

…our own Mission, Vision and Values has had a tall order to fill. They must be true to us, endure the seasons, and set the direction of our work. They must be custom-fit to us, such that they cannot be collectively worn by another company but can only be worn by us. And they must be brief, cutting straight to the point with no extra weight or empty words.

Then one day it nonchalantly came into focus, appearing in my mind as something that had been there all along but never given sufficient attention…

We will treat you the way we want to be treated.

Can it be that simple? Actually, yes. It’s brief enough to remember but sweeping in its implications. It governs how we will engage with one another, our clients, their shareholders, our competitors and all our stakeholders. It is a compass to navigate difficult waters. It is empowering and dignifying, aspirational yet accessible….