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Peace in the Storm: Reflections on Disaster Recovery

Peace in the Storm: Reflections on Disaster Recovery

Reflections on Disaster Recovery and Hurricane Irma written in September 2017.

Watching Hurricane Irma barrel towards Florida gave me plenty of cause for worry. I worried about the safety of my family, my friends, my artwork, my fig tree. I worried about why on earth I was worrying about my artwork and my fig tree. But when it came time to worry about ClearTrust, I didn’t. To the best of our ability, we were ready.

As I write this, businesses are still boarded up, grocery store shelves are still empty, trees are down all around me and roads are flooded. Sitting in the thick of hurricane aftermath, disaster recovery seems an apt topic to write about. But a quick web search will prove the public domain is replete with credible advice for how to gauge risks, write a plan and implement it, so I will not venture to duplicate those efforts here.

I will, however, offer some reflection from my office in hurricane-prone Florida…