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Peace in the Storm: Reflections on Disaster Recovery

Peace in the Storm: Reflections on Disaster Recovery

Reflections on Disaster Recovery and Hurricane Irma written in September 2017.

First and foremost, we all must have a disaster recovery and business continuity plan. I might skip this statement as too obvious to bother writing, except the surreal reality is, not all agents are prepared. We intercepted a call, two days before Irma was to hit, from a Florida-based transfer agent without a plan. News of mandatory evacuations in your town is not the time to start thinking about this. If you do not have a disaster recovery plan, you must create it now.

Theoretically, a disaster recovery plan should contemplate all possible problems and prevent those problems from disrupting the business. But the truth is every disaster is defined as such because of the tremendous number of factors and outcomes that we can’t predict, control or prevent, and no particular list of tips on disaster recovery will ever be sufficient to encompass all that requires our attention. What’s more, there are as many disaster recovery plans as there are businesses in the world. No one-size-fits all solution will ever exist. The “unknowns” and “uncontrollables” far outweigh the “best practices.” Hence the potential for ulcer-inducing stress when a disaster actually strikes. But I’ve found a singular mantra of wisdom applies universally to all companies that can bring peace as we embrace uncertainty: communicate, clarify, practice, and know your limits.

This is the most of what we can do as business leaders. We must be proactive to…