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This is Us.

This is Us.

From Dunder Mifflin to Confucius to ClearTrust.

…our own Mission, Vision and Values has had a tall order to fill. They must be true to us, endure the seasons, and set the direction of our work. They must be custom-fit to us, such that they cannot be collectively worn by another company but can only be worn by us. And they must be brief, cutting straight to the point with no extra weight or empty words.

Then one day it nonchalantly came into focus, appearing in my mind as something that had been there all along but never given sufficient attention…

We will treat you the way we want to be treated.

Can it be that simple? Actually, yes. It’s brief enough to remember but sweeping in its implications. It governs how we will engage with one another, our clients, their shareholders, our competitors and all our stakeholders. It is a compass to navigate difficult waters. It is empowering and dignifying, aspirational yet accessible….

Capitalism Underground in Cuba

Capitalism Underground in Cuba

Cleartrust founder, Kara, reflects on glimpses of capitalism caught during a recent trip to communist Cuba.

Forty-five short minutes and our plane touches down in a world ostensibly trapped in time: La Havana. But this isn't the final destination for the team I am leading on a humanitarian trip. A six-hour layover stretches before us as we wait for our next flight. The airport of this nation's capital has a humble café serving beverages in a hot, humid waiting room…

These black market enterprises are everywhere, hidden in plain sight and just beyond the detection of the informants stationed on every block of every town by the Department of the Defense of the Revolution. For the consumers, these small entrepreneurial ventures keep families fed when shelves are empty and children clothed when prices are too high, offering an affordable alternative to state-run stores. For the merchant, these ventures offer a lifeline of hope that one day enough money can be saved to afford better nutrition, a car or even a home.

It seems humans have an indomitable spirit to create, to grow, to move forward. The entrepreneurial spirit that conceived Capitalism can be oppressed but it cannot, as the Cuban people prove, be crushed….

A Space that Speaks

A Space that Speaks

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The importance and prominence of a disciplined work ethic is so deeply ingrained in this culture that it is expected families will employ at least one helper to care for family and home while both parents work full time jobs. A strong work force is critical to sustain this small-but-mighty country’s economy, and every worker matters. The life of a Singaporean is to be educated well, and then to work.

My Singaporean friend recently lamented to me, “I honestly don’t think work can be fulfilling.”

This is a deeply saddening statement when one considers how central and consuming work is to Singaporean life...