There are a few avenues for moving your shares to and from a brokerage account. One way uses physical certificates and the other two options are done electronically.

  1. Find a broker that agrees to accept your shares for deposit

  2. verify your shares are unrestricted*

  3. Check if the company is FAST eligible to be able to move shares electronically

  4. if depositing electronically, Determine with your broker which system they will use to initiate the request.

*If they are currently restricted, you may wish to review the process of removing the restriction from your shares before depositing them with a broker. Your broker can also walk you through the process.

Have specific questions about electronic deposits? Visit the Electronic Deposits section of our FAQ page.

options for electronic deposits & WITHDRAWalS:

1.     Direct Registration System (“DRS”)

2.     Deposit/Withdrawal At Custodian (“DWAC”)

DWAC v DRS Chart.png



If your broker tells you to send them a physical certificate, the only additional item needed is mailing instructions and either a prepaid shipping label or an additional $35 for domestic overnight shipment.