ClearTrust, LLC is an award-winning stock transfer agent serving public and private companies and community banks. We are registered with the Securities Exchange Commission, and we are active members of the Securities Transfer Association.

That being said, nothing else about us is typical.  We have established a reputation for best practices in delivering solutions and services that address real-world needs of issuers. We are nimble, responsive, experienced, proactive and prepared.  Our customer-driven services extend beyond traditional shareholder maintenance to cure pain points that issuers suffer in our industry today.

Our long-term experienced staff is knowledgeable about what our issuers face on a daily basis, consistently delivering results that make a positive difference. Our management team has extensive experience in the stock transfer industry and provides insight into the driving forces facing our issuers.  By aligning ClearTrust with what issuers and shareholders value, we have taken industry best practices to a new level.

Company History

ClearTrust was born an idea on a sushi napkin. Its founders were motivated to create a positive difference in the securities industry rooted in decency, helpfulness, and integrity.

We have experienced tremendous growth, fueled by the core of our mission, serving our customer base. We believe that our commitment to our fresh ideas about what a transfer agent should mean for issuers and their shareholders enables them to maximize shareholder value.